Choosing your favourite curry can be difficult – after all, there are so many to choose from. Maybe it’s the mild yet creamy Korma, or perhaps you’re more of a vindaloo fan! Whatever your favourite curry dish, we can bet it says all lot about you as a person.

In fact, it is probably able to tell us about your personality, interests and habits – not just your culinary tastes. At Family Secret, we have outlined some of the most popular curries in the UK and what they say about you! So, next time you order your favourite takeaway you will be thinking about much more than how delicious it looks…


People may look at you and think you’re plain and simple but you’re a classic after all! Meek and mild, you don’t need all the bells and whistles to make you stand out. Instead, you enjoy the simple things in life and people know what they are getting with you, it’s one of the reasons you’re so popular with everyone!

Tikka Masala

This sauce packs a bit more punch than the Korma but is still gentle enough on the tastebuds to suit most palettes, just as you are versatile and able to adapt to different situations and get on with almost everybody! A firm favourite with a little bit more flavor, you are the life and soul of most parties!

Rogan Josh

Just like the Rogan Josh’s rich flavour, you enjoy the more indulgent things in life. Full of personality but easy to get along with, you are full of character. You are bold, confident and not afraid to make a statement!


Just like this older curry recipe, you are wise and distinguished!

Not afraid to speak your mind, you are known for being a bit fiery at times but your refreshing take on things always bring plenty of flavor to a social situation!

What is your favourite curry dish? Did we get it right? Feel free to let us know on our Facebook and Twitter.

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