After work, the last thing anyone wants to do is slave away in the kitchen making a 3 course meal!

This can be made harder when you have hungry children pulling at your trousers and begging for food. Family Secret have created a list of ‘quick and super easy to make’ dinner recipes. That are guaranteed to keep you and the kids happy!

Super-quick Fish Curry

Simple yet delicious – try making this delicious fish curry which can be made in 15 minutes! To start, all you need to do is heat a pan to a medium temperature. Stir in our Healthy Punjabi Thadka Curry Sauce and heat through thoroughly. Before you add your fish of choice (sustainable white fish fillets are recommended), bring to a simmer and cook gently for 4-5mins so that the fish flakes easily when touched. Then garnish your delicious fish curry with fresh, chopped up coriander.

No-Fry Thai Curry

Do you have leftover chicken or pork in the fridge? This quick and easy recipe will be ready in no time with not much preparation. Try heating our Low Salt Green Thai Curry Sauce on the heat in a medium-sized pan for a few seconds before adding a can of coconut milk (if you want to reduce the spice of the sauce) and bring to the boil.

In your pan with your Thai Green curry sauce, cook up the rest of your ingredients; 2 chicken breast fillets, 1 red pepper, 3 spring onions, chopped coriander and a cupful of frozen peas. When you’re cooking the vegetables and chicken, let the pan start to bubble again before turning down the heat and letting it bubble for 5 minutes.

Famous Moroccan Tagine

Your typical tagine could take hours to cook in your crock-pot, however Family Secret have come up with an easy way to make this iconic dish. Add our rich and traditional Low Sugar Moroccan Tagine Sauce to your meat of choice (we love using lamb for these dishes!) Quickly fry up your meat with sweet potatoes and spices like cinnamon then mix in well. Pour in 425ml of boiling water before bring it to the boil again.

For 15 minutes, allow the dish to simmer in the pan before adding dates and serving on couscous.

If you’re interested in discovering new and exciting dinner dishes that are quick and easy to make, why not check out our other blogs. Family Secret provide lots of handy recipes that you can try using our range of tasty, rich in flavour sauces.

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