Classic Dishes

Get Inspired by our Thai Green Salmon Tray Bake

Classic Reciptes Family Secret Green Salmon Tray Bake

Family Secret Green Thai Cooking Sauce 40kcal per 100g
🍽 Serves 4

– Toss sliced red onions, green peppers and new potatoes in oil and roast on a baking tray at 200 for 12 minutes.

– Lower the oven heat to 180.

– Add salmon fillets.

– Add 1 Family Secret’s Green Thai Sauce to the baking tray.

– Cook until the fish is flaky, and the sauce bubbly (roughly 14 min).

– Garnish with chopped coriander and a squeeze of lime – and done!

– Very little washing up so enjoy!

Explore India with these Chicken Rogan Josh Naan Wraps

Classic Reciptes Family SecretChicken Rogan Josh Naan Wraps

Family Secret Rogan Josh Cooking Sauce 50.7kcal per 100g
🍽 Serves 4

– Make the carrot pickle by peeling 2 large carrots into ribbons, not including the skin.

– Heat 2 parts water 1 part apple cider vinegar, adding a tsp of mustard seeds, cumin seeds, salt and sugar. Leave to one side.

– Make the raita by stirring together 3tbsp of shredded mint, 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, one minced garlic clove, 1 tsp salt and the juice of one lime into a 250g greek yoghurt pot (I used Total).

– Poach 4 chicken breasts in a large pan of simmering water for at least 14 mins, or until cooked.

– Whilst hot, drain and then shred the chicken breasts, stirring through one packet of Family Secret’s Rogan Josh sauce.

– Warm 4 naans to the packaging instructions, or on a low oven heat.

– Enjoy a naan wrap by spreading the raita over the bread, layering with the rogan josh chicken and topping with carrot pickle. These would be excellent with some shredded lettuce and topped with sliced red onions too!

Travel with us back to Thailand with this authentic Prawn Laksa-Style Noodle Soup

Classic Reciptes Family Secret prawn laksa-style noodle soup

Family Secret Thai Red Cooking Sauce 57kcal per 100g
🍽 Serves 2

– Heat one Family Secret’s Red Thai sauce with 250g coconut milk.

– Cook rice noodles

– Place the noodles into a bowl and top with the liquid, cooked prawns, freshly sliced vegetables and add some Thai Basil.

Simple as that!
Eat whilst hot!

Enjoy the flavour of Punjabi, India Leftover Christmas Turkey Curry With Brussel Sprouts

Classic Reciptes Family Secret India Leftover Christmas Turkey Curry With Brussel Sprouts

Family Secret Punjabi Tadka Cooking Sauce 54 calories per 100g

🍽 Serves 2, double for a larger quantity

You’ll need:

– 150ml double cream
– 1 Packet of Family Secret’s Punjabi Tadka Sauce
– 300g Christmas Dinner leftover vegetables such as roasted carrots/parsnips and Brussel sprouts
– 200g Christmas Dinner leftover Turkey, pulled off the bone
– Naan bread or basmati rice
– Coriander
– Lime

This dish is so quick and easy and a great way of using up all the leftovers in an interesting way. Plus it’s so yummy!

Heat 1 Packet of Family Secret’s Punjabi Tadka Sauce over a medium heat, stirring in the double cream until hot. It’s that simple! Add your chosen pre-cooked vegetables and stir to heat up. Spoon out into bowls, dividing the pulled turkey on top. This dish is best served with naan and garnished with coriander and fresh lime. A yummy experience

(Note: I am not asking to reheat the Turkey as reheating meat isn’t advised unless done properly and in controlled circumstances. I am unaware of when the Turkey would have been cooked and stored so it’s advisable to serve straight from the fridge)

A delicious taste of our Bali experience! Jackfruit Rendang Curry

Classic Reciptes Family Secret Jackfruit Rendang Curry

Family Secret Indonesian Rendang Cooking Sauce (78kcal per 100g)
🍽Serves 4

– Halve 450g baby potatoes (skin on) and place in a pan of boiling water and cook until soft.

– Meanwhile, thickly slice 150g of white onions and fry in a pan with olive oil until golden.

– Drain 500g of tinned jackfruit and add to the pan, frying for a further 5 minutes.

– Add x2 packets of Family Secret’s Indonesian Rendang with 1 1/2 of coconut milk (375g).

– Simmer the curry until the jackfruit pulls apart and the sauce begins to thicken- this will take around 20 minutes. Season with salt substantially and add the cooked baby potatoes to the mix.

– Serve the curry with steamed rice, fresh lime and coriander.

Grab and go.. Red Thai Curry Shrimp Balls with a Peanut Dipping Sauce

Classic Reciptes Family Secret Red Thai Curry Shrimp Balls

Family Secret Red Thai Cooking Sauce 57kcal per 100g
🍽 Makes 20

You will need:

– 300g raw prawns, we use king
– 1 tbsp sugar
– 1 packet of Family Secret’s Red Thai Sauce
– 4 spring onions
– 1 large egg
– 70g peanuts, dry roasted
– Salt and vegetable oil

– In a food processor, blitz the prawn, 3tbsp of Family Secret’s Red Thai Sauce, sugar, egg and a large pinch of salt until fine. Stir 2 thinly sliced spring onions through the mix.

– Heat a pan with 2 tbsp of vegetable oil on a high heat, and using a spoon fry off one large tbsp of the shrimp mix at a time, flipping over once one side is golden. Do this in batches until the mix has finished, and rest on some paper towel to soak up any excess oil.

– Meanwhile, blitz up the peanuts until fine with some texture and add to a pan with the rest of the Family Secret sauce, heating up until warm and season to taste. You may want to add some water in here to get it to the consistency you prefer.

– Serve together with the shrimp cakes – this dish is perfect for hosting over Christmas time.

Summer beach Vibes Indonesian Chicken Kebabs

Classic Reciptes Family Secret Indonesian Chicken Kebabs

Family Secret Indonesian Rendang Cooking Sauce 78kcal per 100g
🍽 Serves 2

– Dice chicken breasts into kebab sized pieces

– Marinate in Family Secret’s Indonesian Rendang sauce for 15 mins

– Stack onto wooden sticks and heat until cooked through with a nice char on the outside.

Peel Cucumber into ribbons and dress well with lime juice, black sesame and mint. Serve together with the kebabs for a healthy dinner, if there is any leftover sauce – serve alongside, heated.