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Top Tips to Cool Down a Curry with Family Secret

We’ve all done it, haven’t we? Made the leap to trying a brand new curry recipe; plonking tons of chillies and sprinkling spices in the pan but when you take the first bite, it blows your head off! It’s enough to ruin your night, and definitely your appetite – but did you know it can be avoided?

There is no need to scrap the lot and start from scratch, here are some of our favourite ways to cool down your curry dish:

  • Adding more ingredients to cool down the heat – If you have ever found yourself gasping for breath after tasting a curry, try adding more of the other ingredients to lessen the impact. Particularly if you’re making a soup or stew-type curry, you should add more liquid to thin out the sauce while throwing in some more vegetables, protein or starch products to the curry.
  • Adding Dairy – A popular choice of beverage for maniacs who try the ‘World’s Spiciest Chillies’ for “fun”, dairy products are great at counteracting the heat of a curry. Known for their cooling effect, adding milk, sour cream or even a dollop of plain yogurt in a serving of curry will bring the spiciness down.
  • Adding Acidic Ingredients – This tip comes straight from Thai cuisine, which happily uses lots of chillies in their dishes. In order to combat the spice, a lot of their dishes use a liberal amount of acid such as citrus juices, vinegar or even ketchup.
  • Adding a sweetener – Just like the acidic produce, sugar and other sweeteners add a different element of flavour that can tame spiciness. However, you will want to add a very small amount and taste the dish constantly so that your savoury curry doesn’t turn into a dessert!
  • Adding Nuts – While it may sound unusual, adding peanut, almond or tahini paste into your soup or stew tends to mellow out the dish but will not be noticeable when you eat it. (Be sure to check for any allergies if you’re cooking for guests before trying this trick at your next dinner party!)
  • Serve with bland, starchy foods – If your incredibly spicy dish tastes annoyingly perfect, you may not want to add any other ingredients that could ruin it. Family Secret suggests serving your curry with something bland and starchy i.e. rice, pasta, bread or potatoes.

If you’re looking for fresh and low fat curry sauces that are not so spicy that they’ll shock your taste buds, check out Family Secret’s range of curry sauces – inspired by traditional recipes from around the world.

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*Szechuan Kung Pao is our only sauce that does not contain gluten free ingredients.  However, all sauces are made in a factory which handles gluten, soya, dairy and nuts.

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