You might have watched our story, if you haven’t, then give it a whirl and have a nose to find out about how Family Secret all began.

There really is no Secret here, all we want to do is produce good tasting food for everyone. Family Secret is a real love for us, it let us meet people from all walks of life.


I say, “We” as it really is a Family operation here, with my wife, sisters, nieces and even my Mum and Dad all getting involved at some point.

Our aim is to provide good tasting healthy foods, more importantly, to provide recipe ideas for good tasting meal solutions. We focus on making sure our food is good to eat too! With low fat, low salt and sugar but maximum authentic flavours; it is great for all the family.

We want to unite families with our cooking and our world wide flavours. There are also perks such as being able to cook up something very quickly, which is convenient for busy people!

We’re very approachable and any questions you have we’re more than happy for you to give us a call or send us an email and we will always try our best to answer any of your queries.

Or maybe you just want a good old ‘chin wag’ give us a call as we all love talking here at Family Secret.

2014 - Shh... It's a Secret

You might have watched our story, if you haven’t, then Click Here and find the quick video and give it a whirl to find out about how Family Secret all began. 

Back in the UK armed with all the recipes and experiences from our Honeymoon, we began experimenting with all the different flavours and aromas we had tasted on our travels.


We finally launched a range of cooking sauces from some of the countries and regions we had visited.  

Packaging was absolutely shocking.  But we just couldn’t wait to share those recipes with everyone.  We began at varying food shows, farmers markets and it was soon established that many people loved the sauces we had introduced.  


“Operation sorting the packaging it out” 

People were drawn to flavours we had put together but not our packaging and so we had to do something. Back we flew to China and sourced out some brilliant packaging companies. Of course we had to buy it from China as the UK was just too much money for a young growing company.

New packaging launched, really sets us apart.  By the way our packaging is now UK manufactured. Isn’t that great! 


Coop Mid-counties gets behind Family Secret and list us.  Yep, we were very happy to say the least. 

We have a meeting with Waitrose,  Harmeet has so much morning sickness, yep shes pregnant.  She just about makes it to Waitrose offices with us having to stop many times.  Harmeet remains in the car as she physically cant get out. Sunny goes to meeting, flustered, worried without his right hand wing woman.  Meeting flops and didnt go as it should have.   

Later that year, very happy when our son was born. Enter new CEO!  We told him that he cost us a deal with Waitrose.   He is not phased and gives us a new sense of direction.


Ocado sees the taste and even tastes the taste. We are listed with Ocado. 

Cotswold Fayre, a fantastic Speciality Wholesaler wants a part of the Secret and the Family and stocks Family Secret. 

Springvale Foods another great Speciality wholesaler stocks Family Secret and things now begin to gain momentum with many independent farm shops and delis beginning to stock our sauces through the wonderful wholesalers we are listed with. 

We wanted to spread more of our experiences and add those extra bits to any meal,  starters, appetisers. So when cooking with our sauces and creating a main meal we wanted people to have that starter experience. Sunny’s mind begins ticking, actually its always ticking. 

We produce snack boxes complimenting our sauces.  Indian sauces would have poppadoms and dips, Chinese sauces, Chinese crackers and dips, Thai sauce, Thai sauces and dips. I think you get the idea.  We even threw in a British snack box too with rosemary crackers and dips.  

It was the poppadoms and dips box that seemed to be the most popular.  We attend a buyers meeting where we meet Virgin Trains operator who says he loves the snack boxes and can see them on the trains.  A chance phone call to the Food & Beverage Director gets us a meeting.  

 Virgin Trains loves them and advises us and helps us develop the box to make it what it is. Snack box launches in first class and complimentary give away. We are delighted!

Virgin Trains become Avanti Trains, we’re worried they might not continue with our snack box, but they couldn’t resist either. LNER Trains and JET2 Airlines want to stock our snack box on board and want to launch early 2020.  

Things were going so well,  we even added our a story inside the snack box, clever hey.  The Secret was getting out there.  


Our snack boxes are with;  

  • Virgin Trains(now Avanti Trains)  launched our snack boxes in October 2019 as a 1st class giveaway  
  • LNER Trains launched them onboard their shop
  • Jet2 Airlines was about to launch them in March.As you can see was all very travel focussed and we got hit. The poppadoms box was the most popular one, after all everyone loves a Poppadom. 

So, business with our train deals and soon to launch airline deal to stock our Poppadoms snack box was all going very well, so well, we needed more stock. We shipped in a container of mini poppadoms and let me tell you, thats a lot of poppadoms.

Then the Big “C” struck. C being Corona.  Travel retail was on its on knees and yes you guessed it, we were stuck with a lot of poppadoms.

We had to be creative. In business terms we had to “Pivot”. I asked Dave, who works at the crisp factory that helps us fry and pack our poppadoms. Conversation went like this;


Me: Dave can you flavour our poppadoms like you flavour your crisps.

Dave: We certainly can, cant see why not.

Me: What do you think of flavoured poppadoms


Poppadoms Done Proper!

Dave: Why didnt I think of that?

Me: Because you’re not me Dave.

And thats how PROPPADOMS was born. A range of six flavoured mini poppadoms, , as they say out of adversity comes creativity!

AND… Some flavoured PROPPADOMS!

We have also enlist marketing and advertising agency who work with Nandos, Popchips and SimplyCook, we are cooking now.

We even successfully Crowdfund through Seedrs to help us with our growth plans. Watch our pitch video here Family Secret | EIS Crowdfunding Campaign | Seedrs