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We feel it is important for our customers to learn about us and about our passion for food.

You might have watched our story, if you haven’t, then give it a whirl and have a nose to find out about how Family Secret all began. 

My background has been Pharmaceuticals, so I’ve studied drugs and sold tonnes of them, legally of course! So why food I hear you ask?

There really is no Secret here, all we want to do is produce good tasting food for everyone. I have a passion for food and have been involved in one or two food business before. However, Family Secret is a real love for me and it lets me meet people at all kinds of events and festivals.

We don’t add any nasty stuff to our food and that’s the whole idea. 

I say, “We” as it really is a Family operation here, with my wife, sisters, nieces and even my Mum and Dad all getting involved at some point.

Our aim is to provide good tasting healthy foods, more importantly, to provide recipe ideas for good tasting meal solutions. We focus on making sure our food is good to eat too! With low fat, low salt and sugar but maximum authentic flavours; it is great for all the family. 

We want to unite families with our cooking and our world wide flavours. There are also perks such as being able to cook from frozen, which is convenient for busy people!

We’re very approachable and any questions you have we’re more than happy for you to give us a call or send us an email and we will always try our best to answer any of your queries.

Or maybe you just want a good old ‘chin wag’ give us a call as we all love talking here at Family Secret.

Family Secret


Family Secret Limited
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