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Dhiaan has joined the Family Secret Team only 9months ago, his value and vision for the company is undeniably of success.  Dhiaan has plans to already make Family Secret a recognised and loved brand to all.

Dhiaan is a true character who is mostly smiling, however his demands become apparent when he doesn’t get his own way, he will make sure that his strategy is executed. Dhiaan always instigates that no business is done on an empty stomach.

Sunny has an extensive background in Sales, predominantly within the Medical Industry, he is a natural networker and so people warm to him very easily due to his chatty and outgoing, but yet thoughtful and caring personality.

He has helped some of the biggest Medical Companies sell their portfolios in excess of £1M per year in Sales with product launches.   One of his most exciting products he sold was Viagra and his career from here steadily rose.  He has enjoyed selling and assisting surgical procedures and he prides himself on knowing he made a different to peoples lives.

Harmeet is a warm hearted and loving individual with quality and value at the forefront of her delivery.   She has enjoyed a lustrous career within a digital background.   She has worked with some of the biggest Telecommunication companies on the globe such EE and has Project Managed contracts regularly worth in excess over £500,000.  She has worked with some huge brands, such as Mcvities Biscuits, Nestle,  Addidas, Miss World, Shell to name but a few.

And we both love travelling, guess that’s obvious with the Honeymoon of a lifetime where Family Secret came to life.



Heather looks after our Social Media Strategy and I guess that says it all really.




Laura is a Marketing guru and with a corporate marketing background mainly in Banking, she now heads up Family Secrets Marketing messages and plans.  We know, shes doing a grand job.

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Previous Packaging Designs (1)  

We feel it is important for our customers to learn about us and about our passion for food.

You might have watched our story, if you haven’t, then give it a whirl and have a nose to find out about how Family Secret all began.

There really is no Secret here, all we want to do is produce good tasting food for everyone. Family Secret is a real love for us, it let us meet people from all walks of life.

We don’t add any nasty stuff to our food and that’s the whole idea.

I say, “We” as it really is a Family operation here, with my wife, sisters, nieces and even my Mum and Dad all getting involved at some point.

Our aim is to provide good tasting healthy foods, more importantly, to provide recipe ideas for good tasting meal solutions. We focus on making sure our food is good to eat too! With low fat, low salt and sugar but maximum authentic flavours; it is great for all the family.

We want to unite families with our cooking and our world wide flavours. There are also perks such as being able to cook up something very quickly, which is convenient for busy people!

We’re very approachable and any questions you have we’re more than happy for you to give us a call or send us an email and we will always try our best to answer any of your queries.

Or maybe you just want a good old ‘chin wag’ give us a call as we all love talking here at Family Secret.

Family Secret


Family Secret Limited
Kemp House
152-160 City Road
London EC1V 2NX

0800 001 6161
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